My main research interest is the formation of galaxies through the cosmological evolution of the Universe. I mainly focus on the dynamical aspects of this process but I also got involved in the developpement of numerical tools which simulate the gravitational lensing that operates through dark matter haloes  and the propagation of light in an initially opaque Universe. In parallel, I participate to theoretical studies which aim at describing complex gravitational effects that occur in galaxies and dark matter haloes. The common factor for all these subjects is the intensive use of simulations and numerical calculations, which allow astronomers to perform 'experiments' on stars, galaxies and universe(s).
More recently, I implemented standard astrophysical codes & methods (PM cosmological integrator, radiative transfer, multigrid solver for the Poisson equation) on Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) with acceleration factor ranging from 20 to 80 compared to cpu. These latest developpments were made in collaboration with M. Amini and R. David of the University of Strasbourg Computing Centre. Currently I model the propagation of ionizing radiation in the early Universe using high resolution simulations on cluster of 192 GPUs at the CCRT computing centre (CEA) in collaboration with R. Teyssier (Zurich/CEA). The pictures below represent the ionisation state of 100 Mpc cosmological boxes and were rendered by D. Pommarede (COAST/CEA).
Recently I have been awarded the "Prix Jeune Chercheur SF2A/HP 2010" by the French society for astrophysics.

I am a member of the LIDAU (Light in Dark Universe) project (P.I. B. Semelin, Paris) and took part in the Horizon Project (P.I. R. Teyssier, CEA).

A few documents on these aspects: