Hints to simply carry out a bibliography with LaTeX and BibTeX

Why bother?
Rather than to copy and format oneself its bibliography in a LaTeX document, it is better to use the BibTeX utility, which is much more flexible.
Collecting references
Here you are the main steps to quickly produce ALL the bibliographies which you could need, using LaTeX: For each article which you can need, retrieve from ADS the references in BibTeX format by choosing Return BIBTEX reference list instead of Return HTML abstracts.
Save these references in one (or more) file having .bib extension

Needed files
Then, before running LaTeX, ensure you that you have the following files:
If needed, copy these files in a ~/Tex directory, and redefine the TEXINPUTS environment variable to include this repertory.

Declaring the packages in your .tex file
Let us suppose that you want to create a bibliography in a file named: document.tex

Include, at the beginning, the package:


Just after \begin{document}, define the bibliography style:


Rq: be careful, the use of other styles (plain, unsrt, alpha, abbrv) can conflict with astron.sty!!!

and include the journals macros:


Citing references in your paper
Each reference in the bib files arises in a form:
    author = "{Egret}, D. and {Didelon}, P. and {McLean}, B. J. and {Russell}, J. L. and {Turon}, C.",
    title = "The Tycho Input Catalogue - Cross-matching the Guide Star Catalog with the Hipparcos INCA Data Base",
    journal = "\aap",
    year = 1992,
    month = may,
    volume = 258,
    pages = "217--222",
Where KEY is the key which will be used thereafter to refer to this article in the body of the document.

One can do it in two ways:
One can also add to the bibliography some articles not quoted explicitly by \cite in the text, with the command:

Inserting the bibliography in your paper
The bibliography is included by the command:


if it is distributed in the files premier.bib, autre.bib, and fichierb.bib.

There can be as many references as you want in these files, only those called by \cite and \nocite will be included, formatted and classified automatically at the desired place.

To compile our document.tex file, it is necessary to proceed in the following way:

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