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Brindisi Old Towntorre Guaceto

Social events:

Weekend August 30th - September 1st
If you come to
a few days earlier, you can visit the patron Saint's festival celebrated from Friday to Sunday. This is a typically Italian festival, with religious celebrations, music, illuminations, good food/commercial stands along the town streets and final fireworks. On Saturday evening, a large number of boats is going to parade in the harbour to celebrate the Saint offering a very nice scenario.

Sunday, September 1st, 19h
A welcome cocktail is offered along with the opening of the registration desk at the conference site, the
Ex Convento Santa Chiara in via Santa Chiara, 1, Brindisi:

Monday, September 2nd, 20h
One of the best restaurants in Brindisi will host a performance of the typical Salento music and dancing called "Pizzica salentina". Please let us know if you wish to participate and express your food preferences (fish, meat, vegetarian, etc). See "Ristorante Terrazza Buena Vista".

Tuesday, September  3rd, 19h
The conference dinner will take place on Tuesday evening at the Castello Monaci ( We take a bus at 19h and reach Castello Monaci after a 40 minutes drive. Follow the route on the map to reach the meeting point in Brindisi where the bus takes off. At the Castello we are going to visit the wine museum and taste excellent wine, while the social dinner will be served in the castle garden. Please let us know in advance if you plan NOT to attend the social dinner because reservations and cancellations have to be made quite early.

Wednesday, September  4th, free afternoon
During the free afternoon, a guided tour of the city will be organized. More details will be given when you register at the conference desk. It is possilbe to visit the Brindisi old town or the Terra Mare.

Thursday, September  5th, 20h
A public outreach event will be held at the Palazzo Nervegna.

Friday, September  6th, 15h
On Friday afternoon, it is possible to join a guided trip to the protected national park of Torre Guaceto. More details on this event will be given during local announcements at the conference.