The 2nd COST workshop on
Polarization and Active Galactic Nuclei
International meeting to be held at the
Observatoire astronomique de Strasbourg, France
11-12 May 2015

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Scientific Rationale

Accreting supermassive black holes in active galactic nuclei (AGN) are the most powerful, long-lasting sources in the universe. Emitting over ten orders of magnitude in photon energy or more, the radiation of AGN encodes information about a multitude of astrophysical processes: accretion, thermal and non-thermal radiative transfer, acceleration of outflows and jets, shock physics, special and general relativity. Observationally, AGN appear as numerous types and polarization studies have played a key role in establishing the idea of a unifying AGN geometry. To a large extent, this unified scheme is still in place although being challenged by more and more detailed observations of individual objects and large AGN samples.

At the follow-up meeting of the conference Polarization and Active Galactic Nuclei held in October 2012 in Brussels, Belgium, we want to summarize past and present achievements in AGN research that include AGN polarimetry and give prospects of future activities. It is a key motivation of the meeting to reinforce the role of polarimetry in the current discussion of AGN unification and super-unification schemes. Time will be reserved to discuss and to concretely plan near-future activities in our field.

The conference is interesting for observers and theoreticians working on all wave band ranges covered by AGN. Topics to be covered at the meeting include the following: