Fifth Illkirch Survey of Galactic Hydrogen

Joachim Köppen Strasbourg Feb. 2012

This applet shows the results of the fifth survey at the radio line of atomic hydrogen at 21 cm wavelength, done with the ESA-Haystack radio telescope at the International Space University in Illkirch, between June 2011 and February 2012, with some pauses due to mechanical problems. At times we also suffered from electronic interference, which was manually removed from the data, but the presence of which may still be discerned in some data sets.

The system temperature was about 300 K or below.

The data are given for each galactic longitude (from 0° to 248° in steps of 2°) as scans in galactic latitude from -30° to +30° (in steps of 2°), with a coverage in radial velocity from -150 to +150 km/s.

Quick explanations:

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