Illkirch Survey of Galactic Hydrogen: : Data Cube

Joachim Köppen Strasbourg Feb.-Oct. 2012

This applet shows the results of a data cube survey at the radio line of atomic hydrogen at 21 cm wavelength, done with the ESA-Haystack radio telescope at the International Space University in Illkirch.

The objective of this survey initially was to observe the Galactic Plane near longitude 90° in greater detail, to show how the outer spiral arms are located above the Plane, and how their position changes with longitude. The button d-z map shows the deprojected view of the emission as a false colour map in distance and height above the Galactic Plane. Albeit the step of 1° taken in latitude is much less than the width of the antenna beam (about 6°), these oversampled data provide a better view of the spiral arms. From these data, it is possible to construct a view of the spiral arms in three dimensions.

Eventually, this survey was extended to the entire Milky Way Plane visible to us. Data are given for each galactic longitude (from 0° to 250° in steps of 2°) as scans in galactic latitude from -10° to +10° (in steps of 1°), with a coverage in radial velocity from -150 to +150 km/s. False colour vrad-latitude maps are shown, as well as spectral plots for any chosen latitude ...

No instructions or explanatory pages are available yet ... sorry ;-)

Enter the value of the longitude in the textfield and hit the Enter key. When an unavailable longitude is requested, an appropriate message will appear ...

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