Spectra of Gas Discharges: the Applet

Joachim Köppen Strasbourg/Illkirch/Kiel 2007

an extended version of the applet written by John Talbot

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Here is a lower quality jpeg of the spectrum:

If you want to use the applet on one of your web pages, here are some helpful information:

The element, wavelength range and line width are all controlled by applet parameter (PARAM) tags in the HTML source for this page. There are other options such as width and height of spectra in pixels and contrast which can also be controlled. There are also options to overlay a continuous spectrum of varying strength and to choose the wavelength range. But note that the data sets I use here contain only lines in the 4000 to 7000 Å range
For example here are the parameters for Neon :

<APPLET CODE=discharge.class WIDTH=600 HEIGHT=200>
<PARAM NAME=version VALUE=0>
<PARAM NAME=element VALUE=neon.txt>
<PARAM NAME=startWavelength VALUE=4000>
<PARAM NAME=endWavelength VALUE=7000>
<PARAM NAME=lineWidth VALUE=2.5>
<PARAM NAME=contrast VALUE=10>
<PARAM NAME=continuum VALUE=0.3>
The simulated gas discharge spectrum is synthesized by assuming that each each emission line has a gaussian line profile. Each point in the spectrum is computed as the sum of all the emission lines. This Applet was orginally written by John Talbot and was extended by me. Here is the source code: discharge.java

All the data for these spectra are courtesy of the National Institute of Standards and Technology

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