The Team of Project "Launcher"

Guillaume Gouge Sébastien Majerowicz
Sébastien Poirier Vincent Prud'homme

We are four second-year students of the ENSPS, (École nationale supérieure de physique de Strasbourg), one of the schools of the Concours Commun Polytechnique. Every year, the second-year students are given the task to work in a small team for six months on a specific project, so that they:

We chose to join together to work on the project to built an interactive Web tool to simulate the flight of a launch vehicle through the atmosphere In order to work together efficiently, creatively, and in a nice atmosphere, we organized ourselves in this manner:
Sébastien Poirier
Team Coordinator, Communication with client, Java Programming
Guillaume Gouge
Theory: Earth atmosphere models, Interpolation
Vincent Prud'homme
Theory: Formulation of equations, Spherical Trigonometry
Sébastien Majerowicz
Tresurer, Java Programming, Web-page construction

Launcher Applet