Michelin Guide to the Solar System

Sarah Lawday, Jérémy Lebreton, Axel Richard, Florence Gris

Illkirch, april 2008

The Slingshot Tutorial.

The Michelin Guide to the Solar System is able to simulate some real space mission. Here we are going to show the famous Voyager 2. It was launched on August 20, 1977. The closest approach to Jupiter occurred on July 9, 1979 (the distance for the gravity assist is near to 0.014 UA). After the slingshot procedure Voyager 2 passed by Saturn on August 25, 1981. Let's try this trip...

Since we need to search the proper slingshot conditions, we shall compute a slingshot fan with 10 points.

Now click on Advanced Interface to see the orbit


The simple trip plots.
The slingshot trip plots.
Simple Tutorial.
The slingshot Tutorial.