Michelin Guide to the Solar System

Sarah Lawday, Jérémy Lebreton, Axel Richard, Florence Gris

Illkirch, april 2008

How modify the view on screen.

You have many options to modify the display.

As MIGUI Applet is an animation of the orbital motions of the planets in our Solar System, you can choose to display all or only some of them. In the drop-down menu entitled Orbits, click on the planets' names whose orbit you want to see, and click again on them to make them disappear. All of these objects will follow their own independent orbits around the Sun.
You can choose any planet or the Sun to be always in the center of screen in selecting it in the drop-down menu Center.
You can choose the time step for the animation from this menu:

With to the buttons ( and ) you can run the simulation in single steps or in a continuous way.

The simulation may be played forwards or backwards like a movie. So you can make the same operation with and to come back.

The middle button lets you to stop a continuous simulation.

You can also change the view and angle point of the display, by three scroll bars:

A zoom to see the environment of your trajectory closely

An horizontal and a vertical scroll bar next to the screen to rotate the picture horizontally and vertically.


How modify the view on screen.