Michelin Guide to the Solar System

Sarah Lawday, Jérémy Lebreton, Axel Richard, Florence Gris

Illkirch, april 2008

Tutorial: example of a travel from Earth to Mars.

For example, let's go to travel from Earth to Mars, from the 16th april 2008 to the 29th october 2008...

If you want to have the Sun in the center of the picture, display the orbits by default and observe the movement of the spacecraft and planets day after day, execute the following instructions... In the main figure you can see circled in red the distance between the ship and other bodies



Tutorial : example of a travel from Earth to Jupiter with the gravity assist maneuver.

Now we simulate the Pioneer 10 trip in the solar system. Pioneer 10 (Pioneer-F) was launch on March 3, 1972 and was the first spacecraft to travel through the asteroid belt, which it entered on July 15, 1972 and to make direct observations of Jupiter, which it passed by on December 3, 1973 (distance: 0.002 AU). For our simulation we have choosen to compute 10 slingshots from 0° to 360°.

Simple tutorial