Modeling Radiative Transfer and Polarization

Sample input.par files for STOKES are given below. For a more detailed description and details of the dust models see the manual.

1) Modeling continuum radiation coming from an electron-dominated disk inside the funnel of a dusty torus. The dust composition for the torus is based on observations of Active Galactic Nuclei..

2) Modeling continuum and Ha line emission for an electron disk with polar outflow and a surrounding broad line region. Farther out, a dusty narrow line region is present, its dust composition is based on observations of the Milky Way.

3) Modeling [OIII] line emission coming from a point-source at the center of an expanding electron shell. The shell is surrounded by a few singular dust clouds. Their dust composition is based on observations of the Milky Way

4) Modeling a radiation-supported, equatorial Thomson scattering disk with a flared geometry. The model is run in imaging mode and produces 30x30 pixel images of the total flux and polarization properties.