Modeling Radiative Transfer and Polarization

Here we present an anti-chronological order list of scientific papers that include applications of STOKES:


Kammoun et al. 2018: Spectral and polarimetric signatures of X-ray eclipses in AGNs, MNRAS, 480, 3243

Marin 2018: Modeling optical and UV polarization of AGNs. V. Dilution by interstellar polarization and the host galaxy, A&A, 615, A171

Vollmer et al. 2018: Thick turbulent gas disks with magnetocentrifugal winds in active galactic nuclei. Model infrared emission and optical polarization, A&A, 615, A164

Marin, Dovciak & Kammoun 2018: Contribution of parsec-scale material on to the polarized X-ray spectrum of type 1 Seyfert galaxies, MNRAS, 478, 950

Savic et al. 2018: AGN black hole mass estimates using polarization in broad emission lines, A&A, 614, A120

Marin et al. 2018: A near-infrared, optical, and ultraviolet polarimetric and timing investigation of complex equatorial dusty structures, A&A, 613, A30

Grosset et al. 2018: Exploring the inner parsecs of active galactic nuclei using near-infrared high resolution polarimetric simulations with MontAGN, A&A, 612, A69

Rojas Lobos et al. 2018: Modeling optical and UV polarization of AGNs. IV. Polarization timing, A&A, 611, A39

Marin et al. 2018: Predicting the X-ray polarization of type 2 Seyfert galaxies, MNRAS, 473, 1286

Marin, Desroziers & Schaaff 2018: Multi-scale three-dimensional visualization of emission, scattering and absorption in active galactic nuclei using Virtual Observatories tools, SF2A-2018: Proceedings of the Annual meeting of the French Society of Astronomy and Astrophysics, pp.239-242

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