Modeling Radiative Transfer and Polarization

The STOKES computer program is a Monte Carlo radiative transfer code for modeling multi-wavelength polarization. It was designed to model astrophysical objects of various geometries and considers polarization induced by electron and dust scattering. If you are interested in polarization and radiative transfer you might want to follow the links on this page to find out more about STOKES. The code is freely available for use. We just ask if you publish results based on STOKES computations that you refer to the Marin (2018) paper describing the latest version of the code.

++ starlight dilution, ISM and host galaxy models

--> Check out the manual to get an introduction to the capabilities of the program and learn how to run it.

--> You may download compiled versions of the program for Linux and Windows.

--> Examples for the input files and pre-computed dust models are helpful to get used to running the code.

--> If you would like to adjust the program to your personal needs and compile it yourself you may obtain the C++ source codes.

--> Find out about scientific results obtained with STOKES.

The STOKES code was created by Rene W. Goosmann in 2004 and continues to be developped by Frédéric Marin at the Observatoire astronomique de Strasbourg, France.

If you have questions or comments about the code, please contact Frédéric Marin